Build in style



Building renovation

We can take the stress out of home or business renovations, causing minimum inconvenience to your family, staff and clients.


We can offer advice on the best choice of materials to use, to give you the finish you want, while staying within your budget and we can tailor your home design to better suit your lifestyle.

Building Extension

Once you have gained approval, we will undertake your extension, with as little impact to your home or business as possible.
Home Construction Contractors


We are available to provide you with assistance before you approach a draftsman or architect. We can help out with initial decisions such as location and style of your extension, renovations, or new home, with regard to regulations and building possibilities.

  • Either a draftsman or an architect will draw the plans for your extension, renovation or new home.
  • A draftsman is the ideal person to draw up plans for a building you have already conceptually designed or if you have a design idea suitable to your lifestyle and budget.
  • An architect will help you plan your building if you are open to custom design ideas or are not quite sure what you are after regarding the design of your home.
  • All plans need to be approved by local authorities before construction commences.


The initial consultation with us is a very important step in the building process. This consultation allows us to begin our relationship and ensure we have an understanding of your building needs.

  • TAS HOMES will meet with you to discuss your building ideas, concepts and plans, your living requirements and your budget.
  • Prior to construction costing can be finalised and contracts reviewed and signed.
  • Regular consultations will occur throughout the building process to ensure that there is a communicative relationship. You may contact TAS HOMES at any time regarding immediate queries.
Professional Building Contractors

Client selections

You have choices when selecting the materials, products and colours to be used for your home.

  • If an architect drafted your plans, the architect can advise you on the best selection of products, materials and colours for your custom designed home.
  • You may choose the products, materials and colours to be used. We can help you by suggesting quality products at reasonable costs and practical design.
  • Your selections need to be made before both parties sign the final contract. Changes to your selections during the building process attract additional costs or credit which will be transferred to you.

Good Installation

We guarantee our workmanship. We guarantee you that the kind of workmanship that will be exhibited during the work will keep your building a long lasting one. It will not only be durable but also attractive with every step constructed in detail. This is because we are the best builders in Tasmania.

Building Fast

We not only assure our customers of high quality building but also guarantee that we will work fast and efficiently to finish the project. Our fast speed in service delivery does not in any way influence negatively our quality of service.


Our professional and friendly team will support and guide you through the entire building process. We are here to make your renovation stress free and enjoyable.